Is Your Business Bike Friendly?

Cycle Umpqua wants to recognize your business as Bike Friendly.

To qualify for our great door cling and recognition on our website, here’s what you have to do:

  • Send us an email or text stating that you will welcome bicyclists into your business
  • And while visiting your business,
    • Give them a safe place to park their bikes
    • Allow them to use your water fountains and restrooms

If you are a restaurant, a hotel or motel, or other public-service business, please consider becoming a state-certified Bike Friendly business. Log on to: the Bike Friendly Business Program and be added to Oregon’s impressive on-line list of bike-friendly businesses.

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Bicyclists! Are You Business Friendly?

Bicyclists, “bike friendly" works both ways. If you see a Cycle Umpqua door cling or an Oregon Bike Friendly sign, remember to treat your hosts with courtesy. And help them keep their businesses clean and accessible for other patrons. And always thank them for their hospitality!


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